Sunday, March 18, 2012

Double Trouble! Estate sale sewing loot

Thank you everyone who left comments on my last post on new blogs to read! Your weekend is my workweek at the restaurant, so I hope to look at all of them early next week.

Here is our typical estate sale adventure:
I choose the sales online and make a list. He drives. I navigate using my phone. We usually bicker at least once over his crazy driving or my terrible direction giving. We laugh. We look at estate sales. He carries all my loot. I pay. Repeat. Then I buy us lunch.

This is a pretty sweet deal for me, as this is one of my favorite things to do!

On to my excellent loot!
 I bought 2 silk scarves, a USA hat with an eagle on it (go Amuuurrica!) for Andrew and the Polish Drinking Team shirt for him too.
 We had been discussing buying a set of silverware, but everything at the store was so ugly. And look, I found a set of fleur de lis silverware! So cute!

Then I found a vintage pattern treasure trove, though sadly they were a dollar each rather than a quarter. They are so, so, so cute! I think I might trace them off and then sell the following ones. They are mostly 40s and 50s children patterns and just precious.

 Below are the ones I am definitely going to keep, along with a pieces of pink and white striped knit fabric I might try to make a swimsuit out of.
 You so jealous! You want a Mary Poppins costume in your size, ha ha too bad!
I also bought these cheap vintage ornaments. My future children will have Christmas nightmares about that smirking clown one, I'm sure!

Tell me which patterns you like the most!


  1. I like all of the patterns in that last picture, but I think I absolutely adore the 3034 pattern best! Next to the Mary Popins get up, of course. :D

  2. Cute commentary on the drill! Wow talk about excellent vintage patterns, lucky you! I don't think I could choose a favorite there are so many good ones.

  3. Fabulous finds! Love the mary poppins pattern :)

  4. I want it all! We have scarily similar taste in what we might pick up at yard sales. If you ever want to re-sell that fleur-de-lis silverware...

  5. I have the grown-up version of Simplicity 1296! I didn't know they made a little girl's version too... How sweet! Mommy and me sundresses!

  6. Such a great haul! I am jealous of those patterns! There has not been one decent estate sale here in weeks, unless power tools and dollar store purchased "oriental" decor is your thing. :]

  7. The silverware is lovely. I love picking up fabulous things at sales.

  8. What an awesome haul!! Love the Mary Poppins pattern - I think you need to make that stat. Bravo on the silverware find!

  9. due to your general awesomeness in the world of craft, i nominated you for the versatile blogger award! you don't have to do anything... or participate... but if you want to just check out my blog! also, if you already got one, oops and nevermind! xoxo!


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