Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dye, jeans! Dye!

I did this on a whim. Since the EPIC FAIL that was my attempt at jeans, I decided I needed to make my faded jeans look better. When I went to the fabric store, I picked up a pack of RIT dye in denim blue, or something like that. Andrew also had a pair of hideously faded jeans, so I thought I would toss them in as well. 

Here is the before shot: pretty faded and gross, acceptable for house painting or some other task.
 I did the machine dye method, using the "Whitest Whites" 75 minute cycle and it worked pretty well. They are all a slightly odd, really uniform blue, but they look better.
Finally some dyeing success! Waaaaay better than last year's Monkey Paw....


  1. Whoa... that's a huge change. This is good to know, thanks.

  2. That looks really good! Funny, I have been checking out the RIT website, I want to dye an old wool coat!

  3. Much better! I think I may need to try my hand at this dyeing thing...


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