Friday, November 4, 2011

"It's a small world" skirt

I made this skirt from the same McCalls pattern as the last one I made.

I bought this fabric from etsy from the seller Sewwhatsnewfabrics from the section called "most frightening fabrics." Ha ha ha, it really is a strange and frightening fabric and it makes no sense. A sumo wrestler, a cave man, a kayaker, a Greek Olympian throwing a discus, a boy on a tricycle, a child shooting a bow, a cowboy  and a MERMAID? Wtf.
 Point being, I made it into a skirt. Genius.
 I really need to buy a new camera with a self-timer and quit using the iphone. It can't handle bad lighting and I could take better pictures during the day, when I am often home. Now it's already dark by the time Andrew gets home...
Off to sew some more before work tonight....


  1. Great fun . Is there a Brazilian flag too?

  2. I like it fabric in the pattern you used--it's fun!

  3. That fabric is AWESOME!!! Love the skirt :)

  4. It looks amazing. What a fun skirt. I would never have thought of a skirt...I would have made pjs. But your choice was a good one, the skirt looks fab.


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