Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Dog Coliseum- best dog bed yet!

I made this on a whim this last week. The first bed I made for him was good and he enjoyed hiding things between the cushions. It is now a hideous color, sort of a sea green ingrained with dirt. 

He does like the kitty dog bed, which is right under my sewing table. He sits on it when I sew, which is cute. 

Things T-Rex likes:
1. Pillows for his head
2. Cracks/crevices in which to hide things and/or dig

This bed combines the two into MAGIC!
 This is where his old bed was, right next to giant radiator in the living room. It gets roasty-toasty hot when it's running.
 He thought taking pictures was a fun game. I would pat the bed, he would jump the side and land on it, then sit still for about one second, and then climb over the side to see me.
 I didn't plan for it to look like the Coliseum, but it does. I wanted the sides to stand up more by the opening, but I am going to let the center cushion settle a bit and see if I need to sew it up the sides a bit.
The fabric has two scenes: the dog doctor looking at an x-ray of an acorn in the squirrel's belly and the squirrel kicking the dog in the face when he checks the knee reflexes.

My plan was to use up the rest of that giant box of fiberfill. Andrew kindly did all of the stuffing, which is tedious. Unfortunately, I had to buy another box (which we used all of) and then I hacked open an old pillow to stuff the rest. Whoops. This also used two yards of 60 inch fabric. Total cost was about 20 bucks.

Anyways, it was quick and easy and I think the dog will love it!


  1. Love it!! And I'm sure T-Rex is enjoying it as well!

  2. This is brilliant. I am sure our dogs would love it too. Cherrie

  3. Oh Rexie!! what a sweetie and a lucky dog. His dog bed is wonderful... you did a great job as usual!

  4. ohh , i see that my dog isnt the only one that is spoiled.
    and what a good idea that the front is open.
    greetings philomene

  5. T-Rex is the best dog name ever- appropriate that he should have a very cool bed!

  6. This is great! Love the fabric and the design, he looks like a happy pup.

    I've been thinking of making a cat bed. Of course, cats are jerks and if you want them to sleep somewhere, they won't. BUT, one of my cats is itty bitty and always cold in the winter, so I was thinking of making her a bed that would allow for an old-timey heated water bottle in the bottom to warm her.

    I told my husband this and he looked at me like I was a weird cat-lady. Sooo, maybe I won't make it any time soon. :)

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