Monday, August 1, 2011

A baby bed for the baby dog

Here is my pattern, one of my stack of never-made options. I am remaining firm- I am not allowed to buy any more patterns until I have made all of the ones I own at least once. This is a Kwik Sew pattern from 1994 for a child's pillow. I thought it would make a good, new dog bed for T-Rex. I had made him one before, which he loves, but it is gross looking now. Making it from light green jersey was a mistake. 
I thought it would end up a little bigger, but he fits. He loves laying on pillows, although now that we have a sofa again, he is back up there. I like how ti looks like he is making a cat pancake. 
 Oh, did I mention how I bought the 5 lb box of fiberfill for my pillows? Uh, that was a mistake. I stuffed two pillows and a dog bed, and it is almost a full box. I didn't realize it was vacuum packed! I opened the bag, and it grew about two feet taller than the box!

 See how it's black? I was smart this time.
 I think he likes how the cat head is like a pillow. It's pretty cute.
 The cat's face is my Molly's Ew for this one. My machine does not do a zig-zag or satin stitch, so I wonkily topstiched the applique down. Going around in small circles was extremely hard- and you can see my crooked effort if you embiggen the picture, especially around the eyes. (Simpsons anyone?)

Time: Maybe 2 hours

Fabric: White and black flannel, pink cotton bits

Notions: Black thread (already had)

Cost: $6

Pattern: Kwik Sew 2339

It's an easy pattern and it took maybe 2 hours to make, and that included all the cutting and stuffing. It's a cute pillow. It reminds me of Nyan Cat, probably in how the head is attached.

We got a free sofa this weekend, so I didn't take pictures of my shorts. Soon.....


  1. That's so adorable, and he looks very comfy!

  2. So cute! Love your work on the pillow, and I have had wiener dogs my whole life, so I enjoyed the dog pictures!

  3. This is too cute! He the dog looks at home laying on his new pillow. :]

  4. OMGosh this is so cute!!! It looks like T-Rex loves his new bed and I'm happy you finally got him a kitty friend.

  5. What an adorable dog bed! T-Rex clearly appreciates it.

  6. Now y'all can always have Catrick close to your hearts!


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