Monday, August 22, 2011

Next up: Sew-Rite 8860

This is the next dress I am working on, yet another pattern from my stash that I am trying so hard to work through. I think it looks very 1950s. It was a pristine pattern in factory folds. I got it from my Aunt Sherry. It is a mail order pattern and has no envelope. As you can see, it is also perforated and has no printed marks. 

This is for a 34 bust and 37 hips. There is no waist measurement given, as I'm sure you were expected to be able to adjust that to suit you. I am almost finished, I just need to add a side zipper! Pictures soon.

On a good note, my teaching certificate is finally in the mail! While I don't have a permanent job, that will at least allow me to substitute and work on making some connections for next year...


  1. I can't wait to see your finished dress. You're sewing is so productive, it makes me want to go sew ( a good thing since my mojo seems to have vanished lately.).

  2. That pattern is so classic 1950's! I want to see the pictures too!

  3. What a perfect little shirt dress! Looking forward to seeing it. Congrats on your teaching certificate.


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