Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Next up- McCalls 6539

Next up, I am making Mcalls 6539, a 1946 pajama pattern. I am making view B, with the short sleeve top and the pants. 
 This is my fabric, a flannel with tiny baby bears with pink stripes, obviously meant for a small girl child. The background is white, it's just a terrible picture.
I went and bought the fabric with a 50% off coupon, coincidentally why I love Jo-Ann, and then came home to iron the pattern. I always iron vintage patterns, and this one had been used and then crumpled and stuffed back into the envelope. So, I iron it all out and there are no instructions and no pieces for the pants.

The line drawing looked very simple, so I am making my best guess.

In other news, I did not get the French job. I don't blame them, my French is startlingly mediocre since I never use it and haven't for five years. Now, Andrew and I are going to speak French to each other for at  least part of each evening. Not the whole evening because its exhausting. Maybe that will help.

I did just start reading a new blog i found through Sew Retro. I thought this post was absolutely hysterical. It's about her tragic problem making a dress, including sobbing and scaring her husband and cats. Everybody's been there, and she has other cute projects and is learning to sew.  I also started following Oonaballona, though I'm sure some of you read her blog too. She is so cute with her fluffy hair and her pointy face!

Ok, I'm off to watch The Closer on OnDemand and then sew. Oh I have to go defrost a chicken! Did I mention I've been cooking every day like a housewife? Weird.


  1. Oh...your fabric is fantastic! I love the bears - I think they'll make great pajamas and be perfect for the upcoming Chicago winter!

  2. Wow thank you so much for the mention Molly - you rock! I love your blog!

  3. Tje pj's will so so cute and cuddly!
    Hang in there about the job, something is going to turn up soon...I just just feel it!

  4. I love the PJ pattern and your fabric is perfect, very fun and pretty!

  5. Somehow, only you can get away with such cute fabric! I made 40s pajamas and they were missing the pants pattern too! I just used a modern pattern for it, since the 40s ones were, gasp, a drawstring, it really was exactly the same.


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