Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twinsies! A skirt for Stephanie

Stephanie, my very bff from NOLA, took over my job teaching the baby 6th graders. I had extra fabric left over with the creepy children from around the world fabric. A world history teacher needs a crazy flag and child skirt!
 Steph is skinnier than I am, but I wasn't sure of her measurements and I didn't want to ask her because it was supposed to be a surprise! So I made it with a narrow waistband and pleats, so the hips ar eloose and the waist can slip down to wherever it fits.
She was excited and sent me some pictures to show off.

Yay, success!


  1. it's hard to see, but i'm pointing to chicago in the second picture!

  2. I missed this post earlier, very cute and you are right a history teacher does need a skirt with little kids and flags on it and it looks great on Stephanie!


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