Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Monkey Paw!

Here's the promised pictures of the Thanksgiving Glove Dyeing Debacle. In the future, I will try not to be a giant moron and dye LEATHER gloves in HOT water on the stove. Andrew was making me fun of me and my thought process yesterday in the car and I was laughing until I couldn't breathe. If I had thought about it for one second, I think I wouldn't have two monkey paws.

Now, I don't know if they give you wishes, but I hope so!

(For anyone who has never read the short story, here is a link.)
Not only did thy shrink to child-size, they also dried rock hard with twisted fingers. Shockingly, neither Andrew nor the dog enjoyed being poked with the monkey paw. T-Rex tried to bite off the rigid, mutant fingers with no success.
Here are two tiny bell pepper from the garden. Andrew said they tasted gross, but the dog and I enjoyed them.
I also hemmed both of my Swirl dresses. I will wear them Monday and Tuesday and then post pictures. I bought flannel for my coat underlining and washed it, so I will start cutting those out today too.


  1. LOL The monkey paw is great, keep it for future reference that mistakes can turn out to be funny stories!

  2. He he...Molly! First comment from me...couldn't resist as the "monkey paw" name cracked me up plus the fact that I thought the first pic was a play with perspective (your hand closer to the camera to make the gloves look tiny), but they really are that small! I can totally see doing that too and scratching my head later wondering what I was thinking!! :>)

  3. Remember the OJ Simpson trial and the defense's quote - "If the gloves don't fit, you must not convict!" Those gloves from the murder scene didn't fit because they got wet and shrunk, too!


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