Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Curtains 21-28: A sun room finale

Yay to having the house feel complete. Now all the windows that need curtains are done! Finishing up the front porch also made the living room look nicer. It's really cloudy today, but you can see that the sheer curtains let in a lot of light. 
 Each panel was 2 dollars at the estate sale, plus two packs of curtain pins for the green ones: total cost- $18. What a steal, since each sheer panel at Kmart was 7.99 and they looked cheap.
 Andrew re-potted the giant ginger plant into two pots, since it will die outside in the winter. Sometimes we eat breakfast out here on the weekends, which is really nice.
We have now rigged up a lamp with fluorescent bulbs for the lemon tree. It is so pitiful. It has grown a lot more healthy looking leaves since we bought the lamp last month. It should be warm enough near the radiator for the winter, hopefully. I need to re-pot it in new soil and drill more drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. Then, it should be fine. Can you tell I have been reading up on lemon trees?

Ok, off to sew. I work the next six days straight, which is going to be exhausting and I'm going to miss Halloween. So sad! I want to be able to cram in some sewing too- wish me luck!


  1. Your house is so pretty and cozy, you did such a great job and the price is right!! I love the sun porch, it looks like a perfect place to cozy up in a chair and read a book. GOOD JOB!

  2. What an inviting-looking room! I love the sheer curtains, and the idea of eating breakfast out there - can you people-watch through the windows?


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