Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Curtains 19-20: we learn what "pinch-pleated" means

Apparently, pinch pleated drapes already have pleats at the top, right? Right. But did you know they have to be hung using curtain pins (99 cents a bag) or curtain rod clips (8.99 a bag)? Obviously, I did not and had to go to Kmart to buy some today. Guess which kind I bought? Ha, the cheap one.
 Now, the second window gets no drapes because it looks out onto a brick wall. The covered window looks directly into my neighbors' bedroom. Oh la la. So now we all get some privacy. Thanks curtains!
I am also super pleased with how the bath mat looks in the bathroom. It's not the exact same shade of green, but it was brand new and cost $1. Can't argue with results!!

Last curtains tomorrow and the house is complete! It only took about four months, ha ha ha ha!


  1. Really looks nice and you can't argue with the price!

  2. Very nice! I like your thinking--why pay more for the same thing?


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