Friday, January 10, 2014

Simple Classroom Sewing

Now that I am teaching French, I needed to organize and decorate the room a bit. When I taught world history, my whole room was decorated in neon pink and neon green, which was very cheerful and bright. Since I am starting to teach, my room is not quite as cute as my last one, when Stephaie and I spent days decorating before school started. :)

 I bought 3 yards of felt in the colors of the French flag (bleu, blanc, rouge), which cost about 15 bucks. As the flag is simple stripes, I slapped it together in about ten minutes. Then I got a very tall boy to stand on desk and hang it up :)
The white boards have lost their finish and always look like that!
 The cabinets have little bulletin boards on them, so I covered them with the left over felt. It looked kind of unfinished, so I bought some tri-color ribbon on amazon and fixed it right up. Now they look very cute!
These don't count toward my January goal of three items because I made it in November...


  1. Try cleaning the whiteboards with rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. I saved a lot of bad ones at the hospital that way.

    1. It's worth a shot. When I clean them with the Expo spray, they look clean, but by the end of the week they are grey again...

  2. Looks really's a good start!


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