Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bridesmaid's Dress: 62% Complete

I realized I never posted the fabric I ended up choosing. It was the silk dupioni in the Spring Green color. That was the darkest of the choices, but its still quite pale. This is the photo that best shows the color and texture of the fabric:
I lined it with Bemberg rayon in "nude, " which should blend in with their skin if it shows at all. There were no green linings that were even close to the main fabric, so I went neutral. 
 It is 62% complete. I need to hem it by hand, but I have to go to work in a little bit. It will require 1 episode of Downton Abbey, I expect. Maybe longer. I am going to sew down the straps in the front and put in the zipper in New Orleans before the wedding. That will be my chance to have Stephanie try it on and then do a little adjusting, as needed.

So far so good, and I'm finally making progress despite working 6 days a week!


  1. Beautiful! I will start Vicky's tomorrow, so much fun and I'm glad I can do something that will help. :)

  2. This looks fabulous! I love the color you ended up choosing. I love how you measure time by episode lengths, lol. :]

  3. You're so ambitious, but look at how far you've already gotten! Well done!

  4. Oh wow Molly, this is beautiful! Such a lovely spring colour for your bridesmaids. I'm hoping to make my flowergirl dresses - but it's so hard to sew for little girls - they grow so fast!

  5. =) i like that you timed it in "episodes of downton abbey". that should be a new unit of measurement, 1 EDA, 2 EDAs, hehe. although i think i wouldn't get much sewing done while watching

    1. It's works for me because it all dialogue rather than action that I would miss by looking down so much. Though I do have to look up for new dresses, etc!

  6. Love the fabric & the color--perfect for the style of the dresses! You are "sew creative"!!


  7. Love your choice of colour! I remember you showed the swatches but seeing it as an almost complete dress is something else - stunning!


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!