Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wedding Dress Bodice Version 1

That title makes it sounds better than it is. I originally was making the test bodice from my self drafter and tweaked pattern in late October. I had plans to wear it to my friend Amy's wedding in mid November. I almost finished it in time, but I sewed on the skirt and was just absolutely flabbergasted at how terrible my fabric was. I don't know what I was thinking!
 I wanted something slightly sparkly and I put the skirt and was like "OMG I just made a witch Halloween costume!" So I quit and wore another dress.
It did serve the purpose of making me absolutely certain that I do NOT want a basque waist and the points are supremely unflattering. You can click on any of them to embiggen them, and if you open it in a new window you can make it even bigger.

Later, I cut the skirt and the basque points off and just made a random skirt to finish it. It turned out obscenly short, so it looks a bit like a figure skating costume now. Try (and it will be hard) to just look at the BODICE and picture it in white lace, one that has a scalloped border.

Straps are sheer and will look slightly different based on the lace/scallops.

 The bodice fits really well. I plan on lowering the neckline a bit over the boobs, as it goes too high and too close to my armpits. I hate the bra cups from Jo-Ann, so I went on a vision-quest to TJ Maxx and Marshalls to buy super cheap bras to cut apart and use instead. So they all have nice shaped foam padding connected to each other with the underwire. However, I took the wire out and left the tube and shaping, if that makes any sense? Eh? Haha no bra needed, it's part of the dress! Bam!

This is the gist of what the back will look like. It will have that upper piece, which stablises the whole dress and prevents it from falling off. The shape will be a bit different after I play around with the scallops to see what looks best. It will be sheer though, that will be the same.
 Maybe I will add scallops to the bottom for symmetry? What  do you think?


So lessons learned:

Bodice fit and shape.
Like sheer back panel and sheer straps.
Like using bra to give me fake boobs.

Basque points at waist!
Hideous fabric. (not really relevant for wedding dress)

To tweak:
Neckline too high.
Shaping with scallops on straps and back.

Anyways, tell me what you think so far....

PS I bought a kit on Amazon of tools for making hair styles, like donuts for giant buns and twists to make chignons and all kinds of stuff. Prepare for some crazy hairstyles!


  1. I think that will make for a gorgeous bodice for your wedding dress!

  2. I love where you're headed with this! Good luck moving forward :)

    1. Yeah, just need to finish sorting out the skirt issues.

  3. Nice - I always find those pointed bodices unflattering on me but they are bad for all body shapes it seems and best left as a memory of the eighties! I think no scallops on the back... less is more... It already has a WOW factor and will detract from the lace back IMHO... but remember it is your day and dress and it important that you are happy.

    1. O god, it was super 80s witch woman. So hideous.

  4. This is looking gorgeous, love the bodice front and back!!!

  5. Wow! That is a fantastic bodice fit and the back cut out is so eye catching! This is shaping up to be a rather special wedding frock!

  6. The straps and back are so pretty. I can picture them perfectly on a wedding dress. I still can't believe you're making your dress!

    1. I know I'm excited- also about how much money I am not wasting :)

  7. I love it and I am so impressed! I can totally imagine it as a wedding dress....can't wait!

  8. I love the dotted test fabric. What is it? Where can I get some?

    1. I got it at JO-Ann, and I saw last week they have it in other colors now too.


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!