Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garage Sale Loot and random shopping

I went to an estate sale I found on Craigslist and it wasn't run by a company for once. There was a woman yelling "everything's $1" Yay! It turned out all the purses were $2 each, but that's fine. I bought the green metal box to hold sewing supplies. The gold purse is a Whiting and Davis, which I love and have another. They are metal mesh bags and look really cool. The black one is a knock-off of the same style. The beaded bag is slightly tacky, but I love red, white and blue together. 
 The costume jewelry was a dollar each as well. I got a leather bracelet with a flower, and a golden hippo that's hollow inside. The rest of the 80s earrings were 50 cents each. Whoo hoo.
 I also went to the World Market and bought Kinder Buenos, which I LOVE, and two bottles of wine to try. Then I went to K-Mart to buy snacks for a movie (to be cheap and not buy anything at the theater) and I bought some new sunglasses. Not only were they buy one, get the second half off, but I did just lose a pair in the ocean that needed to be replaced.
 I also bought two pairs of 80s pants at the estate sale, thinking I could just hem them and wear them around. Sadly, I forgot how high the waist would be and how poofy the hips were and how flat my butt looked with the tiny, high pockets.

Here are some LOLZ for you:
Almost like hammer pants, and its pinching my waist like a sausage. There are also numerous delightful pleats at the waist.
 Those were the purple and here are the blue!
A bit long? A bit sausage-like?
 Whoops, I need to figure out how to stop posting sideways pictures. This is what I get for updating, Blogger!
I bought two US history place mats for my classroom, as well a great Reader's Digest book on the US. It is from 1968, but it is full of great maps and facts about the US. Since it's mostly about maps and places, it isn't really out of date. That's great because we are going to study US geography before I send the 6th graders off to the 7th grade.

The dog also took me for a walk. I took him to the park and he ran/trotted around the mile loop at such a pace that I was sweating and out of breath. He was hyper!

 I also saw the movie Bridesmaids, which was okay, but not great. That was the first time in my life that I went and saw a movie in the theater ALONE! What? And I'm 27! It made me feel like an adult.

The Ceylon is coming along, but it got too dark to take a good picture. Hopefully more tomorrow!


  1. I'm also 27 and I've never been to the cinema alone, so props to you for doing it!

  2. I love your 80's pants. You are always so lucky at garage/estate sales, I like everything you found!

  3. I'm almost 22 and haven't gone to a movie alone...but I plan on doing it soon!

  4. lol i would totally wear those 80s pants, except i would cut them off into teeny-tiny short shorts and wear them with a crop top. no shame here! :)

  5. i own *maybe* two pairs of pants... im just a skirt and dress kinda girl.... but i did try to make a pair last year and they looked EXACTLY like the 80's pants! hahaha, never again!


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