Friday, May 27, 2011

A Ceylon giveaway!

Ha ha! I tricked you! I gave my Ceylon dress away already, to Stephanie. It required no adjustments and she does not look like a sausage in it at all. Today was the last day of school for the teachers, so we took some pictures in front of the "interesting" murals in the courtyard. 

Back of the dress, and a the New Orleans skyline.
 Side of the dress, and the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812.
 Kissing a dinosaur, whose face looks like a storm trooper to me.
 Molly goes to the Space Age...
 I gave her the dress yesterday, but the light was really yellow. She always screams "teeeeeeeeeeee rexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!" in a high pitched voice to make the dog go crazy. As you can see, it's working!
 She also said I needed to include a picture of the print, since it is hard to see from far away.
So there you go! The Ceylon has a happy new home. Stephanie said it got lots of compliments at work today, so that's nice.

I decided to start drininking champagne at six to celebrate the end of school and it's now 7:30 and I'm sleepy and woozy. I might finish my dress tonight, but I might do it tomorrow. I need to take pictures before we go to the beach on Sunday- I have a great IDEA for a photoshoot. Wait and see!


  1. The ceylon has a good home! I can't wait for the new photo shoot. Have fun at the beach!

  2. Great send off for the Ceylon!


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