Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pendrell blouse complete!

Well, I sat on the sofa with the dog after work and got up just in time to get some horrible flash pictures because the light had faded. Excellent work.

I left off the second ruffle because it was too much. Andrew hemmed and hawed, and then when I said I didn't like it and was taking it off, he said it looked like a suit of armor. Ha.
I need to add the second row of stitches on the hem, because the bobbin ran out of thread. Sometimes when that happens I just quit. Even though it takes maybe 60 seconds to fix.
Also, this deserves some nice daylight pictures. Andrew just came back from China, on a trip for business school. He bought me some lovely silk! The blue is deeper than it looks, and the red is a beautiful blue-red, which is the kind that I like! Yes, loot! Score!
I will have better pictures of the blouse and the silk later in the week. I have a fantastically ridiculous photo shoot planned for this blouse- it all has to do with the color scheme!


  1. The blouse looks very cute! Can't wait to see some daylight pictures. :]

  2. Love your pendrell blouse! And those new fabrics are great! Way to go Andrew!

  3. The silk is so beautiful...wish I had put my order in! jk I love the blouse and I can't wait to see daylight photos of you in it!

  4. i completely ADORE this, can I have a shot with your beautiful face in it pleeeeeze?

  5. I want to steal your Pendrell! It is exactly what I would make, if I could ever find some seersucker. I like that it makes your ruffle very stiff and stand-uppy.

  6. Your Pendrell looks great! It's really cool to see a version without the 2nd "sleeve" ruffle. That new fabric is gorgeous - fun projects ahead I'm sure!


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