Thursday, February 10, 2011

Military Dress Progress

This was my inspiration. It is a coat, but I wanted a dress.
Sorry for the terrible lighting. It's always dark when I want to take a picture of something. The general shape is good. Since the fabric is not wool, the skirt drapes a bit differently. I plan on adding the velvet ribbon and buttons in the same way on the front. The skirt has a lot of crossover, so I might just use a snap at the waist to hold it up.
My dummy and I are slightly different in shape, so trust me that it looks better on.
Again, better on a person.
I am pleased with the back. I made adjustments on the center seam above the shoulder blades and in the small of the back. It fits really well.
So I need ribbon and buttons for the detail, it needs button holes, and some hemming of the sleeves and skirt and a snap.

This has taken sooooo long and I am ready for a quick and easy pattern! Drafting it took some time, of course, and sewing it, but my biggest drawback is the thought of having to think and puzzle out problems. School has been very tiring lately and I think I like having easy and relaxing projects when school is in.



  1. I wish I were as talented as you. I am very impressed that you drafted this pattern yourself! It looks really good and the finishing details will be great.

  2. Ooo, I can't wait to see it all finished and modeled.

  3. Wow, drafting a pattern from scratch is impressive...I don't think that I'll ever be that good. Can't wait to see the finished dress!

  4. That's such a fantastic idea! So far it looks amaaazing!

    Molly, I'm so jealous. I'm the only person I know that manages to spend $200 at Goodwill. Whenever I'm stressed out I go. I call it thrift store therapy. I always find amazing vintage items but there are usually a few tears. I buy them anyway and put them in a box for mending whenever I learn how to sew. There never seems to be enough time to do this - nor do I really know how to learn. How did you start out?

    Love your blog! Glad you posted on mine so I found out about yours :)


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!