Sunday, February 6, 2011

Garage Sale Loot

The light was too bright, but I picked these up yesterday at some estate sales. I had been wanting to go for weeks, but this weekend was the first to have any.

I picked up the shawl, in yellow and orange; the book Costumes of the East, which has some great pictures of native clothing from all over Asia; and a set of sheets. Not too exciting, except for the insanely rude cashier lady at the sale where I bought the shawl.

Woman in line in front of me asks for prices on a figurine and a book, since nothing was priced.
B****: 3 dollars
W: So would that be 1.50 each, if I wanted to put one thing back?
B: (Ignore) (Answers question of woman across the room) The book is two and the figurine is one. (Glare)
W: Ok, thanks.

Me: Hi, I wanted to know how much these were since they don't have prices.
B: I KNOW they don't have prices. The shawl is one, five total.
M: Does that mean each book is two, because I don't want the paperback if that's the case.
B: (Open hardback) This book was FIFTEEN dollars when it was new!
M: But it's not new, it's old and yellow. (Hands her a 20)
B: (Looks past me and ignores my money.)
M: (Lifts money into her line of sight.)
B: (Snatches away money)
M: You know, it would save you a lot of trouble if you would just put up prices; then, people wouldn't bother you with questions.
B: I COULD NOT possibly do that because some of these books are worth a hundred dollars!!
M: Well, every other estate sale manages to do it. (Walk away)

So I was mildly rude, but she was first. Crazy lady.

I am making some progress on my dress. I put together the whole back. I have made a muslin, torn it apart and cut out the fabric. I keep getting lazy and then making no progress. Oh well, I hope to have it done by Saturday to take some pictures.


  1. Just reading the conversation, you did not seem rude. Now, knowing what MY tone would have been after that, whatever I would have said would have come across rude...LOL. Bad customer service is my biggest pet peave and when I experience it, GAME ON!!!!

  2. That conversation is funny! I like the stuff you got...and the muslin for your dress. : )

  3. She probably lost some sales just because some folks don't want to ask the price. Is the book for your personal use or for your students?

  4. I guess it could be either, but I was thinking for myself. It's pretty interesting.


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