Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hmm, I am so bad at typing. I have to look at the keys. The 6th graders are better typists than I am. When I typed the title, it said Gloce! That's what I get for not looking.

Anyways, I wore a pair of my garage sale vintage gloves to work today, for the cold car ride. By the time I got to school, several of the seams had split open. I have been thinking about finding a glove pattern lately, so I took the opportunity to use some tiny scissors and pick the gloves apart over the course of the day. The students were writing and editing paragraphs comparing monotheistic religions, and it is boring watching people write.

(I have already made about 600 typing errors. I am not bad at spelling, I am bad at controlling my fingers! I won a spelling bee in elementary school, spelling animal correctly after the other girl spelled it aminal!)

So, I am going to trace the glove onto paper and label it correctly. Then I am going to sew up the one I ripped apart for practice, because they are nice gloves.

Do only crazy people want to make their own gloves?


  1. I've thought about it, but never tried. Think of the possibilities though - custom-made gloves to wear with your cape! :)

  2. My hands are too big for vintage gloves, so if vintagey gloves were what I was after I'd definitely try to sew my own! As is I'm happy with modern purchased gloves...thankfully that last a long time!

  3. I have been thinking about making gloves lately too. I just didn't decide on what kind of gloves yet. So not only crazy people think about that. Although... am I sure I am not crazy? Hmmm. :-D

  4. I've thought about making gloves too. My favorite pair of vintage green ones with buttons up the wrist finally fell apart.

  5. Hi Molly, Thanks again for letting me borrow a photo! I blogged about your awesome cape here:

    Sam xox

  6. Hi! I've recently come across your blog, due to your Minoru test. I'm really enjoying your blog, it's fun and entertaining!
    I've been eyeing the gloves as I've moved back through the blog. Even though this entry is old, I just have to comment! Years ago (early 80s), I tried making a pair of gloves from a vintage pattern of my mom's. Oh boy. They were the most unforgiving thing I have ever tried and I've never attempted it, again. It was very difficult to not distort the fabric while setting in the fourchettes. But, the slightest distortion will cause the finger to twist. I quickly decided that gloves are worth what you pay for them.
    Clearly, I am not a glove maker. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't make beautiful gloves. I hope they turn out great!

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