Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Goals

It is officially December and I need some new goals. Last month was very successful, as it forced me to finish projects in a time frame. I will finish the purple dress this weekend- hand hemming that whole skirt has made me slightly despondent. I had planned on doing it while I watched the Closer, which is my most favorite, beloved show, but instead I sat like a lump on the sofa and just watched it. Oh well.

I wrote these last weekend, and am just getting around to typing them now:

1. Make T-Rex a fleece jacket (done)

2. Treat wool for Vogue coat. I read some post I can't find about doing it in the dryer with het towel to steam it. Has anyone tried this? I'm going to try it with a bit first, to see.

3. Cut out coat pieces in wool and flannel underlining. I decided to underline it because it will be super warm, and I can transfer all the marks onto the underlining in pen and then be good to go. I hate tailors tacks, and will not mark up this expensive wool with chalk!

4. Hem last 2 swirl dresses.

5. Draft my own pattern for a military-inspired long sleeve dress. The fabric is a olive green peach skin from Vogue fabrics.

6. Make a flashy dress for New Year's Eve.

So, that's probably more than I can handle, but I will try!


  1. Here is the dryer post:

    I have tried this and it worked like a charm for me. (I have only used this on 100% wool.) Good luck!

  2. I've used the same method as Adelaide and always had good results. I tend to do it for 60 minutes because my dryer cools off in the last portion of the drying session (some kind of wrinkle-free "feature").

  3. Thanks! That makes me feel much more confident!

  4. Good luck with you goals, you can bring your hemming projects home if you want help. T-rex looks warm and toasty in his jacket-very cute. I watched an old movie last night and in one scene the main character was wearing a coat dress that looked a lot like your pattern (only it had fewer buttons) it was beautilful.

  5. That is a very ambitious list! Hooray for having #1 finished before you post the list :)

    Cidell of Miss Celie's Pants has posted about the wool dryer trick too.


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