Saturday, September 25, 2010

McCalls 1087- 1943 fabric covered sewing box

I picked up this pattern at an estate sale in Oregon two summers ago. I don't remember how much it cost, it was one of those pile of stuff for 3 bucks times. It is for "3 styles of fabric covered sewing boxes with removable slipcovers!" Maybe in 1943 (when it was issued) that would count as removable, but when that requires ripping out all my hand-stitching and then re-sewing it, I personally would not call it removable. Ha!
The fabric is a cute cotton from Jo-Ann. It has two pockets that are divided into smaller pockets.
I put the pins and needle on the inside of the lid because I am a follower- that's what they did on the pattern envelope. It is kind of flopsy mopsy. I bet if I went back and followed the directions correctly, you sew the corners up and then sew the two pieces together down the middle. Mine is kind of loose and the bottom interior is lumpy. Oh well.

This is my example piece for Wednesday's sewing club. It will teach them to sew a nearly invisible stitch on the outside (pockets) and a whip-stitch (corners and joining the two main pouch sections).

This is my preview of my other cool belt I made. You will see it on when I finish my next dress!


  1. That is a really cute box! I've never seen a pattern like that -- it looks fun.

  2. The box is really a neat idea and I think your sewing club will really like making it!
    I love the belt cute. I can't wait to see the dress it goes with.


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