Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In progress

I have a new project in progress... but I am currently hating it. The side zipper is lumpy, and after putting the bodice together, I ripped it apart to start over. It would have been the frumpiest, up-to-the-neck sundress ever. Then I did the neck binding and it flopped outwards, so I tried to put in a few tiny darts. Then, the machine wouldn't feed and kept jamming. So, I stopped before my head exploded.

I dug out my old purple dress project (which I orginally began two summers ago! lol) and ironed it. It needs the side flap to be handstitched down, and to be hemmed. Doing anything by hand is my most hated part of sewing, so obviously that's why it ended up in the stack of shame. It also needs a sash or belt, and I would have to go back to jo-ann... bleh.

Well, with the bf out of town, I will be bored enough to finish both, I expect, and probably start a new prject as well!

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