Thursday, April 30, 2015

SHB Sewalong: Cloth Diaper Covers and Fun with Snaps!

I used the Green Pepper Patterns 554 to make these cloth diaper covers. I bought two beforehand to investigate, but as purchasing each one can be 10-15 dollars, I knew I would make my own. 

I combined the pattern design with a blog tutorial I read. The outside is flannel and the inside is the PUL fabric that feels like plastic and keeps the baby's clothes dry. The cloth diaper is inside of that, so you only need to change the cover if it gets totally soaked or there is a poopsplosion.

I cut out three at once in size small after Maxwell was born. The pattern is really easy and you can make each diaper in less than 30 minutes once you know the drill.

Version 1:
The front is a little short, so the diaper tries to poke out the top. This leads to wet belly and too many changes of clothes. 

(These pictures are from about 3 weeks ago and he is so much bigger now!!)

Tummy Time!
 Version 2:

I tried to add elastic to the front to tighten it up more, but failed to realize that topstitching the gap closed would make the elastic not gather. Duh. I added a seventh snap in the center so it could be snapped tighter.

His favorite toy: Crinkle Penguin!
 Version 3:

This time I successfully added elastic to the front, which gives a better fit. I kept the seven snaps idea from version 2.

Next time I make them, I am going to make the next size up, of course. I think I will make the front a bit longer so it will go up higher and prevent the diaper poking out. It's a good pattern and I totally recommend it! I knew nothing about diaper covers and it was really helpful.


PUL is cheaper at and a yard will make at least 3-4 of these.

You do not need a zigzag, I did it all with a straight stitch since I have a vintage machine.

My diaper service gave us an info sheet and it said that if it gets stained, you can lay the PUL in the sun and it will bleach itself- true and works!

Use poly thread not cotton: I used cotton and now it is stained orange from baby breastmilk poops.

Plastic snaps are so much better than metal ones!! If I stamp it crooked, I can just snip the pin part with scissors and fix it! I'm never going back to metal!! I bought the Babyville snaps at JoAnn, but the bought the KAM pliers and more snaps based on online reviews.


I will be making more baby stuff, but technically the SHB Sewalong is over. I didn't get too much done in April, but at least it motivated me to post about stuff. It made me feel somewhat productive!


  1. Congrats on the little one, he is adorable.

    These bought back memories for me. I made dozens cloth diapers for my last baby and loved them; I never used pampers, the cloth diapers were my constant. I even provided some for my daycare provider; I just provided the flushable liners to use with them. My daycare person LOVED using the cloth diapers!

    Instead of the snaps on your diaper cover, you could use velcro as a closure instead of the snaps, then you can easily adjust the fit around the tummy.

    Enjoy and take lots of pictures! They grow up so fast. (My youngest one is now 23!).

  2. I love your diaper covers and think they worked great! Maxwell is growing so fast and is so CUTE!

  3. I think these are great (of course I'm well past it now) but 11 years ago when I had my son I wouldn't have even thought there would be a pattern somewhere for them. Maxwell looks gorgeous!

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