Saturday, April 11, 2015

SHB Sewalong: Baby Bunting for a Carseat

I don't think I have ever participated in a sew-along before, which is amazing since I have been blogging since 2009 and sewing since 2006? I usually have trouble following along to other people's time tables, what with work, and life, and being a giant procrastinator. However, this sew-along corresponds with my time and interests perfectly so why not. 

The SHB (Small Human Being) Sewalong is for the month of April and is anything baby related. It is being hosted by CindyClio and Mikhaela, who all have small babies. Do you ever find a blog and feel like you're kind of stalking someone's life (in a positive way)? I love reading Cindy's (Cation Designs) blog since she sews, teaches middle school and has a baby boy who is a few months older than mine. I am, for the first time, interested in other people's babies. I suppose that sounds terrible, but now I am interested in what to look forward to!!


On to my sewing:

I bought this pattern a long time ago at an estate sale, I think. Kwik Sew 1827, from 1987. It is for two baby buntings, for a newborn and a bigger baby. It always made me laugh so much, since I think the baby in pink looks somewhat like a vagina. When I have a girl, I will make a pink one just for laughs. 
 As Maxwell is a boy, I decided to choose something other than pink. I roamed up and down the huge wall of fleece at JoAnns. Really, if aliens landed on Earth and visited JoAnn, they would think that 90% of humans' wardrobes are made up of polar fleece. I chose a cute space print, since Andrew loves space so much.
 The pattern is three pieces: front, back and hood facing. I bought the coordinating flannel at the same time and didn't even realize it (baby brain?) so that worked out well. The drawstring is from
 I thought I had lost the instructions, so I winged it. That wasn't too hard- zipper first, hood facing, sew front to back and then insert the drawstring. I then found the instructions right after I had finished. The fabric was purchased when I was pregnant, so that was baby brain, but I made this after he was born, so let's blame that on sleep deprivation!

Making the whole thing probably took less than two hours, including cutting.
The matching facing 
 These pictures are from a few weeks ago, when Max was much smaller. His happiness quickly turned to rage during the photo shoot, but it's hilarious! Baby in his pod!
Interested in Dad.
 He hates being swaddled or having his arms restrained, so this outfit was not a winner...
Struggling to be free
 The point was to put him in his car seat and take him for a walk in the park. This is a car seat suit, supposedly. When we tried to put him in the car seat, we realized that the seat clips at his shoulders, between his legs and UNDER HIS ARMS. Duh. So it didn't work at all.
Baby rage
Since the pattern was made in 1987, I googled car seats in 1987. Sure enough, they only go over the shoulder and clip between the legs. Time has rendered view A obsolete, unless you just need a fleece newborn pod.

Either way, a funny pattern and something I made for the baby!!


  1. Angry babies look cute in pictures. Great post- really made me chuckle.

  2. Angry babies look cute in pictures. Great post- really made me chuckle.

  3. It turned out to be so cute with the space fabric and baby Max looks adorabl

  4. These are brilliant photos! He looks very grumpy about it :-) I also found babies way more interesting once I had one too x

    1. It's like when you buy a new car and then you start seeing that same make of car everywhere...

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