Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SHB Sewalong: Boppy Pillow Cover

Ok, some of these things for the sewalong were definitely not made in April. However, it is motivating me to blog about them, so that has to count for something!

I bought some cute Mink style fabric from after being disappointed at the selection at JoAnn (shocking, right?) I used the green forest creature print for the Boppy cover.
 My aunt gave me her old pillow when we were in Oregon for Xmas and it came with a blue cover. I thought it would be smart to have a backup, which was smart as it has been covered in an assortment of baby fluids.

T-Rex has been the pillow's #1 fan since we brought it home in January. He was able spend two delightful months sleeping on it before the baby came.

 More snuggles...

 Uh oh, Molly took it away! It was really great for nursing after the cesarean, protecting my stitches from the baby and from the dog who was always trying to stand on my lap. Now I just use it to prop up my elbow as I nurse on the sofa during the endless Netflix marathons...
at the hospital

As for the sewing:

 I used a pattern, Simplicity 4225, which I bought for a dollar on sale. It mostly fit the Boppy pillow, but I had to shorten the ends of the U and round them a little more to get a better fit. I just used it for the shape- they want you to use velcro to close it. The real cover has a zipper on the outside, so I just copied that. I had a vintage zipper that matched the green fairly well.

It was really easy to make and probably took less than an hour to make.

Next up: cloth diaper covers!


  1. hahaha. It was the perfect shape for the puppy. :) I love the fox fabric and those boppies are the best. They sure save your arms and back from constantly holding up a nursing baby :D

  2. T rex is so sweet, maybe he should have his own boppy pillow, Just so doesn't lose out to his human little brother? Love the cover!

  3. I don't know why I didn't think of making an extra boppy cover! Instead I just used two pillow cases as a mish-mash cover when we had to wash the original boppy cover due to excessive baby barf. I will definitely make one for [future] baby #2.


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