Monday, April 13, 2015

SHB Sewalong: Adventures in Babywearing

Installment 2 of my Small Human Being Sewalong:

I knew we would want some kind of baby carrier for babywearing, aka having hands that are free!! In week two of Andrew's paternity leave, he held the baby and kept me company while I whipped this together. 

Previously, I did a bit of research as I had absolutely no plans to pay upwards of $50 for a Moby wrap or a Boba wrap or whatever. Essentially, it is a very long rectangle of knit fabric. It should be about two or three yards of 60" wide knit, and then you cut it into three strips of about 20" wide. Sew them together and wham-bam-babywrap. 
Cradle Hold
 I bought this fabric on Goldhawk Road when Andrew and I were in London in (gasp) 2013. It really puts my fabric hoarding into perspective when I can look back on my blog and see how long ago I bought it. I really love it!

At first I was reluctant to use it, but if I made it into a dress I would only wear it sometimes, and then for only a season or two. Making it into the baby wrap means that I will use it every day- all the time since my little spider monkey only wants to sleep on my chest. Plus, since the fabric is almost intact, I can always make it into clothes later if I want to.
Ta Daaaaaaaaaa!
 Anyways, I made the wrap and then Andrew tried it out. I was still recovering from my stitches and was no shape to spend much time standing, much less wearing the baby. There are two holds for newborns, cradle hold (like how you hold them in your arms) and newborn hold (chest to chest with the baby's legs tucked in). We tried both, but they were not all that successful. He would enjoy it for less than 30 minutes maximum and then flip out.
Selfie with the baby

newborn hold
 Finally, I searched online for other holds and discovered kangaroo hold. It is like the newborn hold, so it is still chest to chest, but the baby's legs hang out the bottom. You put him in the pouch, cross the X over your back, and then loop each half under the baby and between his legs so he is super secure.

Max loves this one!! He loves to kick his legs wildly, so when his legs were tucked in he was very cramped and mad. This one allows him to move his arms and legs, and he is super happy. Usually he falls asleep in less than five minutes.

 Then, you just tuck his head in one of the sides and you're good to go!!
Success: Kangaroo Hold!!
I am going to count this as a sewing project because I am totally sleep deprived and adjusting to being a mom. I sewed one seam to hold two strips of fabric together and then did not finish the edges because it's a knit. Still counts!!!

So congratulate me on my sewing success (haha) and reassure me that the sleeps-only-on-my-chest phase will not last until I am sending him off to college...right? right? guys?


  1. Oh cute! Babywearing is lovely, my daughter is 20 months and we still use the carrier most days though now she's bigger it's a a back carry and a structured carrier. I think stretchy wraps are great for the early days but when you need something more solid there is a whole world of expensive fancy slings out there. I'm too cheap to spend a lot but it's worth making a bot of investment to get a decent one. Happy baby wearing!

  2. Oh to be able to let my darling sleep on my chest again. She's just turned 2 and is the size of a three year old. I know the lack of sleep is hard but enjoy the snuggles.

  3. Aww so wonderful and I can reassure you that your baby wearing days will not last until college!

  4. BTW it totally counts as a sewing project!

  5. I loved baby carriers and wraps when mine were small - enjoy those days of cuddling!


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