Saturday, November 22, 2014

T-Rex's Winter Coat

I have made quite a few dog jackets for T-Rex over the years. The first one was red and zebra print and was too small. The second one featured dinosaurs on one side and dog bones on the other and fit better. After moving to Chicago I made one in red, small paw prints and another in plaid, but I guess I never blogged them.

These addressed two problems: the past ones were either too long or too short, and they closed with velcro. In the snow, velcro gets full of snow and stops sticking together. Oh, make that three things: he also wears a harness now so that he doesn't choke himself pulling. The harness hook for his leash is farther back, so the jacket would fall off. 
Looking good, Mr Wiggles
 It closes with snaps, which will stay closed in the snow hopefully. However, I had to get Andrew to help me because they were so frustrating! We always joke that putting together IKEA-style furniture is the "divorce-maker" due to the bickering that comes with....but putting in snaps might be on the same level!! Much bickering was had, in part because I got him to help me right after work under the claim that it would take "only ten minutes." Boy was that a gross underestimate.
Giving me the "why are you so slow" stank eye
 This food stand at the park always reminds me of Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo from Southpark.
 The coat is reversible and the other side has pictures of bacon, hearts and the word bacon. Hee hee.
 And to close, a scandalously naked T-Rex laying on his sheepskin in front of the fire radiator.
I am back to having two classes online and working full-time as a long-term substitute for art, but I do have some good (and awful) things to post! It is just dark after work and there is no good light in my house...or uncluttered surfaces that are not too embarrassing for a background.


  1. Cute coat! I need to make one for Nala too. They seem to be too short on her and as you said, the velcro doesn't stay shut. I'll try your snaps trick :D

  2. Super cute! Is the fabric fleece? Love the bacon too! Funny coincidence, I'm using snaps on a project and they really can be frustrating!

    1. I could only do the "male" ones with a lot of struggling, any of the "female" ones went on crooked and still had jagged prongs hanging out.

  3. Love it! He's such a cutie. The only way to go with snaps is to buy the sew on kind, I've found.
    I need to find bacon fabric like that for a neckerchief for Paisley. We bought a winter coat for the new pup, but she also wears a harness, so I guess I'll have some alterations to do. Plus I have to make dog jammies for our winter camping trip. When will I find sewing time for meeee?!


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