Monday, November 3, 2014

New Look 6391: A maternity dress!

I made this dress well over a month ago and then it took forever to find three minutes to take pictures of it. I just finished two online classes and I forgot how incredibly time consuming they are! Right now I get a break between these ending and the next two starting, so I plan on sewing a TON!

This is a New Look pattern (6391)I bought at Jo-Ann fabrics because it was cheap. When I made it about six weeks ago, I was just on the point where most of my old clothes did not fit anymore. I wanted to find some patterns with room to expand, so this mock wrap dress seemed like a good candidate. 

 The fabric is a black knit from Jo-Ann that has very thin neon stripes. It is in fact reversible, which is two very thin knits that are somehow magically fused together. The other side is mostly black with tiny pinpoint dots, so I didn't use that. The two layers makes it nicely heavy and have a good drape.
 I left the skirt a little longer than I normally do, so that as my stomach gets bigger and the front rises a little, it won't be too short.
 My expanding baby! We found a few weeks ago that we are having a boy! I am so excited!
 It has ties set in the side seams that you can tie in the front or the back. I've got enough going on in front, so I tie it in the back.
I usually wear an 8, but I made this in a 12 to account for my new boobs and stomach. However, that made the shoulders way too big. I wore it a few times like that, but I had to wear a tank top under it because it was too low-cut and it would slide off my collarbones and looked sloppy.

I decided to take a V shaped pinch out of the shoulder seams towards the neckline. That really tightened up the gaping neckline, but the it made the sleeves have weird points on the top. Then I rounded out the sleeve heads and trimmed it and it is SO MUCH better! Now I can wear it comfortably, without gaping open or slipping around, and without a tank top underneath!

It is a super easy pattern and cheap, so if you want a mock wrap dress, I would consider picking it up.


  1. You look great. Great job on the dress. My mother always made my maternity clothes but I did sew for my daughter when she had her first baby. I really enjoyed it. She needed the clothes since she was married to a medical resident & money was tight. I wish I had pictures. I am glad you are so talented. I can't wait to see you in this dress later in your pregnancy. Congratulations on the baby boy!

  2. Beautiful!! You look great and no I don't have to say it because I'm your's true.

  3. Love your dress and your baby bump. Congrats on having a boy. We have two. They are lots of fun.

  4. I have two boys! They are NOT easier than girls btw...

  5. A boy! How exciting!!! Yay :D This is such a great frock and great thinking to go with a wrap dress- you'll get lots of wear out of this :D

  6. A boy, how exciting! Love your dress, it really suits your cute bump and will be very handy when your belly becomes ginormous too

  7. You look stunning (and the dress looks fantastic too)! Love love love your choice in fabric and pattern. Yay a boy! You guys must be getting so excited to meet him. :)

    As someone with narrower shoulders, one cheat I use is to cut a smaller size in the shoulders and arms, and grade to a larger size at the bust. Usually helps reduce the width of the shoulders without me doing any fiddly bits with the pattern or project itself.

  8. Congrats on the boy! you are looking fabulous! I also do what Heather mentioned and cut a smaller size in the shoulder

  9. I love how your blog is tracking the progress of your baby bump and adorable maternity clothes!


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