Tuesday, July 23, 2013

London fabric loot

I went to gold hawk road today since Andrew had meetings and work. I took the train which was insanely hot, all by myself like a big girl. :)

I went in and out of a million shops on the left hand side of the street and by the time I started looping back on the right hand side, I was ready to buy. The choices are really overwhelming, but I tried to be stingy and not buy a lot as the dollar to pound exchange rate is so terrible. Well for Americans at least. I picture British people going to American playing "make it rain" ie lil Wayne with dollars.

I only bought three things, but they are cool and unique! This is four meters of Swiss voile in a very large, cool print. Pink and brown looks very nice with my skin tone, and I picture it as a maxi dress it something. 25£. Eh. I talked him down a little...
At a different shop, I bought this neon 1990s-meets-Africa print. Two meters for 6£. Knit, but not super stretchy.
This delight was absolutely worth 25£!!! It's an off white skin and then it's been printed with a shiny giraffe pattern in browny-tan-gold. Its a whole hide. I am going to buy a walking foot and make the sweetest, most awesome leather purse anyone has ever seen!!! 
London is super fun and I'm having a great time!!! We're here til Friday so I still have lots of time to explore!


  1. Great finds! Goldhawk can be a bit overwhelming but its well worth going and having a rummage. I love that giraffe print fabric! x

  2. Great selections, especially the giraffe print! Keep up the good, er, play!

  3. I'm experiencing severely high levels of hide-envy right now. Simply cannot wait to see what you do with it!

  4. Awesome choices, have fun tomorrow!!!

  5. We experience the exchange rate in reverse so 2 dollars to the pound was really good for UK people shopping in the US (just a few years ago) but the current exchange rate of 1.50 dollars to the pound is BAD for us.
    However Goldhawk Road is always good for looking and much cheaper than most of our other fabric sources. John Lewis (the department store) often sells cotton fabric at 24.99 pounds/ metre which I think is way too expensive!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  6. Total non sequitur - have you heard of Pattern Rescue? Great website.


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