Monday, July 15, 2013

Bowls galore!

I made nine bowls in my pottery class. They are easy to make and fun! The first five are all glazed differently, with the assistance of Andrew. 
 The bowl on the left is kind of a green and purple mix. The one on the right had pink slip on the inside, so I glazed it in white hoping for some contrast. Instead it is just ugly, which is sad; that was the bowl with the nicest shape and thinness.
 This one has a scalloped rim and is a variety of purple hues. It was supposed to be a larger bowl, but I pinched it too thin and the rim started to droop, so I went with the flow.
 The blue tones bowl is a nice size and the sea green one gets narrower at the base.
 These were glazed to be a matching, but not identical, set. There were five, but one of them disappeared.
 They were dipped half and half in blue and then green, with a stripe of overlap down the center. We did them all in the same order, so it's really interesting how the center stripe is different on two!
One more post about ceramic stuff and then on to my sewing projects! I have some new stuff in the works and I'll post it before we leave for Europe next Sunday!


  1. It is really cool to see your pottery progress. I really like the set of blue-green bowls. Bummer that one disappeared :-(

  2. I love your pottery! The bowls are now my new favs--the colors & shapes are so pretty.

  3. I love your bowls....that is a funny sentence. LOL The matching bowls are really neat the way you glazed them but I like all of them, even the white one it has a good shape. :)


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