Monday, July 8, 2013

London Fabric Advice, please! Or Paris..

Hey hey!

Andrew and I are leaving for our honeymoon on the 21 July! He is meeting with a client in London first, so I am tagging along. We will be in London from the 21 to the 26 and I will have the days free while he is working to go check out the city on my own. We have both been there briefly (though separately in college) and I have done all the super touristy stuff.

I can spend my time exploring and doing fun stuff, maybe fabric shopping? I don't know. I know many of your will have good advice on things to check out or place to go for fabric shopping! You can reply in the comments or email me at mollysewsblog \a\

Then we are going to visit Andrew's grandparents and family in Corsica for a week. Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean and that will be awesome.

Then we are going to Paris for about five days before we head back to London for our return flight. We met in Paris, so that will be relaxed and we can go to places we like and visit old hangouts. I do want to go to Goutte d'Or, which is that African neighborhood in north Paris, and buy African wax fabric. I really wanted to do that the last time I was in Paris, but I think time was too short. That was 2007, so a while ago! I was not into sewing yet when I lived there in 2005, so that will be interesting!

So any advice on things to do/see/eat etc in London (or Paris) are very much appreciated!


  1. I've never been to London or Paris, so no advice from me, but I hope you have a fantastic time! Sounds like a wonderful honeymoon!

  2. What a lovely honeymoon! Tilly has summed up London fabric shopping really well here -
    I highly recommend Walthamstow market (bring a spare suitcase for all your purchases)...and treat yourself to something beautiful in Liberty :-)

  3. Have an awesome Honeymoon! Us London Local Sewers tend to go to Goldhawk Road or Walthamstow for all the fabric shops. If your after something posher go for Berwick St. Plus Liberty is always lovely to look around and McCulloch and Wallis, ( a large haberdashers) is near by. If you want any more info feel free to drop me an email on

  4. I was in London last Autumn. I recommend the fabric shops on Goldhawk road (easy to get to (close to an underground stop), and the shops are close to one another. I also recommend Shaukat Fabrics on Old Brompton Road--they sell Liberty tana lawn at around half the price of the Liberty department store (and they have a large selection of other fabrics). I think that they are not open on Sundays (check their website!). If you are near Liverpool Station or Aldgate, you can buy Dutch Wax fabric in the Petticoat Market Area (between the Spitalfields Shopping center and the London Gherkin (#1 Saint Mary Axe). There are a two stores that I know of that sell Vlisco fabric. Most is sold in 6 yard pieces, but there was one shop (dang I do not know the name) that had some half cuts./ 4 yard pieces (vlisco stuff--it's worth asking the merchants if they sell 4 yard cuts, as the fabric is very heavy). Goldhawk road also has African wax fabric stores, but I did not buy any wax yardage there.

    Have a wonderful time--I look forward to seeing your blog posts.

    Rose in SV

  5. Gutted, you're in London while I'm in Paris and then in Paris while I'm in London! have a great time.

  6. In Paris, if you want to buy african fabric, I recommend the shops in the metro Chateau Rouge.That's where I go when to buy african fabrics.
    For other farics, at Montmartre (metro anvers or abesses), you have the Marché Saint-Pierre shop and Tissus Reine. There are other fabric shops near.
    If you're looking for haberdashery, you have Fil 2000, metro Réaumur Sebastopol.
    If you want very cheap fabrics, you have the markets like the Sarcelles market, it's in suburb. It's open on thursdays and sundays. Fabrics are 1 or 2€ by yard.

  7. London - Goldhawk Road is a MUST see! See Melissa at FehrTrade's posts here: london fabric shops: goldhawk road, and paris fabric shopping too.

  8. Hi! Have a really lovely honeymoon! I totally agree about Goldhawk Road in London. I was in Paris in May, and stayed in La Goutte d'Or/Montmartre and did TONNES of fabric shopping - I wrote a little guide here, which might be some help!

  9. I hope you find tons of cool fabric in London and Paris...take an extra bag to bring it all home in!

  10. I agree with most other the Goldhawk Road is great, fabric you don't get anywhere else. Walthamstow is really good for inexpensive fabric and the Saturday man near Sainsburys has some good fabric but it is all much more hit and miss than the Goldhawk Road.


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