Friday, July 12, 2013

Ceramics: Mugs and various "art" pieces

I took some pictures a while ago indoors, but the light just did not show off the glaze. Now my class was ten weeks long, but all of these were glazed after the class had officially ended. Five weeks later, I have all of my work glazed and home. 

Andrew was my glaze assistant; not only did it speed up the whole process, he has a really good eye for glaze combos that I would have never noticed. he also can spot the stuff on the out-of-kiln shelves so fast after just seeing my terrible sketches. 

These are my mugs and random things, all of my bowls will be in a later post. Andrew chose the glazes for the most interesting ones, 2, 3 and 4. 
 These were my set of "beer steins" but they are far too small! 2 and 3 are normal sized mugs, but very heavy. The "shot mug" was glazed in winter blue, which turned out super ugly! That was my genius choice. I was also practicing making and attaching handles.
 A vase and a wonky mug. The mug doesn't look too bad in this picture. The back lip is about 1/2 inch higher. I had planned to put the handle on so that the higher side is where you would sip, but then I forgot and put the handle on the other side. So that only works if you drink with your left hand. Andrew chose the vase's glaze and it turned out pretty cool!
 These were a cylinder and bowl that I screw up the rim and became very uneven and thin in places. Scallops are the best fix for that! There were always a lot of scalloped pieces pm the racks of glazed work, and not just mine! The blue I named "La Bombe" because it reminds me of a grenade, though it is technically a vase... The bowl I glazed in my favorite Temoku so it looks black and copper. I am going to keep it by my bed for bobby pins and earrings and such.
 And there's all of them from the top!
I think I made a lot of progress in this class! I would not say I am "good" at wheelthrowing yet, but some of my things were actually looking like THINGS by the end of class! :()

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  1. Very nice, I love the glaze on the mug second from the left in the first photo, it looks very 70's! I hope you keep up with the pottery you made good progress and it sounds like fun :)


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