Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wedding Dress Inspiration

Alright ladies, I am on Spring Break from school this week and only working a bit at the restaurant, so I will have time to finally post about my wedding dress. It will be in four posts: this one is inspiration and links to all my trails and tribulations beforehand, the second will just be pictures of the dress, three will be about constructing and sewing the bodice, and four will be about constructing and sewing the skirt. Therefore, the people who don't want too many details can just tune in to post 2. 

History of posts leading to my final inspiration/idea:

If you read my blog regualarly, then you have probably seen all of those and are up to date. Basically, the bodice I thought I wanted sucked and I made a different one that I like. Same for the skirt. Copying that vintage pattern for the skirt turned into a nightmare and I quit. Then I changed direction and made a skirt I loved in a matter of days. 

So my "vintage inspired" wedding dress turned into a very modern dress. I guess I didn't know what I wanted when I started, because I absolutely love my final dress and it looked awesome. Bam!

Here are my inspiration pictures torn out of Brides magazines:
For bodice lace ideas

More bodice lace ideas, for the back and shoulders.

Skirt shaping.

For the hair. I actually lost this picture, but the hairstylist dd a great job and looked a lot like this.

Anyways, soon I will post some pictures of my dress! I bet you can sort of picture it now...


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to finally see it :)

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