Friday, March 22, 2013

Pottery Class II: My Wonky Bowls

I took a five week class at Lillstreet, which is conveniently close-by. It was really fun trying (and failing) to make things on the wheel! I am going to take a ten week class starting in two weeks, and this time I won't be stressed with wedding stuff. Hopefully, I will have lots of time to go into the studio and practice outside of class (you get open studio time with your class fee!). 

Here are the other lopsided things I made, but on to my bowls! The pictures do not show them to scale, as the largest is maybe 5 inches in diameter. They are less than functional for eating, unless you want a tiny bowl of peanuts, or maybe 5 chips...

 My final two glazed in teal.
Haven't mastered a smooth inside...

The side view shows their non-symmetry.
 The black one was my first, the blue my second and the yellow my third.
 By #2, I learned to level the top and by #3 I was able to make it slightly thinner. They are still absurdly thick though.
 I gave the others away to Andrew and Luke to use for change and stuff, but I kept my yellow salt glazed one. Now I keep my pins in it!
I like how the stoneware shows through a little and makes it look "antiquey."
Anyways, just wanted to share and hopefully I will come out of my next class with some awesome stuff. Ironically, we now have matching dishes for the first time ever (from wedding presents), but T-Rex could use some fancy bowls and Andrew said I should make a tiny hand giving the finger to store my rings on at night. Lol.


  1. Good first projects, I see how you progressed with each one. The next class will produce more of what you want and I think you should go ahead and make the "finger" to store your rings on - good idea Andrew!

  2. I think they're gorgeous! Well done

  3. Everyday pretty things are such an easy way to enhance life :) I actually have a vintage rose glass ring holder, basically a cup with a finger in the middle. It's great for holding my rings and earrings.


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