Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pottery Class- Part I

My five week pottery class learning to use the wheel is now over. I plan on taking the 10 week beginner class in the spring, which starts after the wedding. Then I will have the free time to go in outside of class and practice. 

I took ceramics my senior year of high school and loved it and again my senior year of college. Those classes were all hand-building projects and I have never before tried to use the wheel. I made a variety of hideous and misshapen items to share with y'all!

Mine, Andrew's, Luke's
 We were trying to make cylinders, which then becomes mugs. Mine are all about the size of 2 shot glasses, so I didn't even put handles on them. The glazing turned out really cool and like I expected: light teal with brown over the top.
 We learned how to shape the base on these when the clay is leather hard. I did manage to put a rim on one. (far left). Andrew is taking his to work to use for espresso, I don't know what to do with the other two. Besides giant shots, obvi.

Our last project was to handbuild trays to use up the rest of our clay. However, "trays" was a project in my college ceramics class and I have five, I repeat five, useless trays around the house. I might post about them, just you you don't think I am horrible at clay.

Point being, I made coasters instead because I didn't have much clay left. I used a roller to give it a "wood" texture. I thought the glaze combination was going to be different and they ended up looking like tiny Earths. That's cool.
 However, the bowed up in the kiln and are also very smooth, so glasses kind of want to slip off of them. Lol. The BEST coasters!
I also made five bowls, but I am waiting on two to be glaze fired. I'll post the bowls later.

PS, you can see my wedding skirt and a bunch of wedding loot in the background!


  1. I loved this in high school too! It was great working with clay but the mask I made was hideous! haha
    I like the mugs and coasters - cool stuff!

  2. I like your pottery! Next class will be more fun-you can spend more time perfecting your throwing. I like the coasters they do look like planet earth!


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