Tuesday, January 1, 2013

40/70s Split blouse

My pattern was a 1940s blouse pattern from some estate sale or another. I made the view in the center, with long sleeves and the pointy collar. This is Simplicity 4762, from the 40s it seems to me. I can't find any examples online of anyone else making it up. 
I used what was left of the crazy 70s fabric that I used for my Lonsdale maxi dress. One goal for 2013 will be making a real effort to use up all the fabric in my three drawers of the built in cabinet. I have a lot of fabric in there!

So, here is my blouse:
It is very "bold" with the crazy print. I guess I'll wear it to substitute and see if the high schoolers have any cutting remarks, since they are arbiters of fashion. I genuinely have noticed that when I wear a dress/cuter/ or more trendy outfit there are always a few students that are snottier than usual. It's weird. When I wear my black pants/ generic blouse uniform, fewer kids give me attitude. Not that this is at all scientific since I see different students every day...
Back looks like any other blouse. The waist is fitted but without pinching me like a sausage.
Derrrrrr de durr durr!
I went with the orange plastic buttons. The are so domes that I had to make giant 1" buttonholes so that they would fit. To be honest, the top buttonhole is crooked. Oops.

1.5 yards of stash fabric
6 stash vintage buttons
1 stash pattern

I would estimate this blouse cost less than 2 dollars to make, since all of those things came from estate sales and I used a fraction of a spool of thread.

I'm hoping to sew one item a week, ending the year with about 50 new things. This counts as one, and obviously that wedding dress needs to done soon! Oh, such a procrastinator...


  1. I love this and I think you can pull it off...snotty kids or not ;o)

    You've set yourself quite a target of making one thing a week...can't wait to follow your progress ;o)

  2. I'm very excited to see you making one project a week! As Marie said, that's quite a target! The blouse looks very nice, but, HOW did you do your hair like that?!! AWESOME!

    1. It's super easy: I divide it in half and twist each one into a rope (the twisting is important) and then I twist them around each other into one ponytail.

    2. Here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47BrZ3C2Uzw He takes about 6 times as long, but makes it very nice.

  3. i love this blouse and those cool buttons are like the icing on the cake. great fabric, too!


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