Thursday, February 17, 2011

A valuable trick to know!

I sadly can't take credit for having made this dress, because it's really pretty. I bought it on ebay in my obsessed-with-ebay phase in 2005. I think it cost maybe 15 bucks? It's cotton and a pretty spring yellow.
It has this great senorita ruffle on the collar.
It is made for someone with far more impressive proportions than I have. The waist fits at about 26 inches, but the bust is probably for a 36 or 38 inch bust? Luckily, the ruffle covers how deflated the top looks one me. ;)
As you fasten it up, it has two snaps on the skirt, two hooks and eyes at the waist, six fabric covered buttons and three snaps at the neckline. Impressive! The seams are pinked and the facing and the skirt hem are covered in ribbon and hand sewn.
But here is THE TRICK you should know!! It has bra strap carriers!
What a quick and easy fix so that you can wear a bra, but not have tacky straps slipping out all the time! Two snaps and a little piece of ribbon about an inch long. I used them, and it has the added bonus of holding a slippy top in place so it doesn't move around.

Pretty awesome, right?

Anyone else like inspecting vintage things for sewing tips?


  1. I really like that dress, was it made for sale or by an individual or can you tell? I like learning about other sewers techniques and short cuts too! I will have to try the ribbon and snap shortcut on a navy blouse I bought.

  2. What a cute dress! And the bra strap carriers are such a great idea!

    Also, the patterns I won in your 200 followers giveaway arrived today. Thank you so much, they're lovely!

  3. My Mom worked in the Los Angeles clothing Mart back in the 80's..they use to use the bra strap trick on the sweater sample that the models wore. I've used it on my daughters prom and wedding dresses.


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