Saturday, February 12, 2011

A pause, and a new project

This dress is being put on pause for a while. I did a hem test on the machine and it looked terrible and puckery, so I guess I will be by hand- boo. The sleeves and the skirt, I mean. I might fiddle with the tension and stitch length to avoid that dire fate.

Now it is too loose through the waist and hips, too, so that will need to be taken in as well. I bought dark brown velvet ribbons for the bands, instead of black. I also bought silver buttons instead of flashy gold one. I am not entirely sold on them yet. I need a break, and an easy, fun project.
Therefore, I am making the view on the left in this fabric. It is some kind of polyester and I plan on using the shiny reverse, rather than the dull front. It is very teal blue and pretty. I want a pretty, non-work dress to wear to dinner for my birthday, which is the 23rd.
Hopefully, I can bust it out this weekend!

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  1. Do everything on your military dress then bring it and I will do the hand sewing! I really like the buttons and the brown ribbon, it looks softer than the black and gold. I love the birthday dress, you will look beautiful in it, you always look sooo good in that shade of blue!


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