Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Look at this awesome valentine I made for Andrew today at school. I sound like a child! Anyways, I am sooo proud of how awesome it is!

It says, "Andrew, I love you like... zombies love BRAINS!"
I felt inspired by the LeeAnn Rimes song I heard on the radio this morning that goes "I need you like water like breath like rain..." lol. Enjoy here.

I also made this EXQUISITE drawing during a teacher meeting last week. I love to doodle.
It's a zombie chasing two children with giant, delicious brains. Did you notice how I cut it out in the shape of a brain? I was giggling while I made it, it was so awesome.

Have a happy day! We're going bowling, if we can get a lane.


  1. Love the valentine!! Delicious brains... now that's interesting!


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