Monday, July 2, 2018

Christmas Sewing 2017

Well, I am on summer break and have a tiny bit o time to blog. I can't believe I haven't even written anything for 2018. Wow. It's almost like having two little kids and working full-time takes up most of my energy and time. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I have sewn stuff though! 

For Xmas, I made Max and Claire matching stocking to match the ones I made for Andrew, T-Rex and myself a few years ago. I had managed to find another piece of that vintage fabric on Etsy, which was amazingly lucky.
 My previos ones are tacky, with gold trim and two rows of pompoms, so I made Max and Claire's much simpler.
 Max had fun eating the candy out of all the stockings.

I also made these little hats with leftover fabric. I had also made Claire two Xmas themed knock-off Zipadee Zip sleep suit for Cliare, but apparently didn't take a single picture of her in it in the .005 seconds before she outgrew it!
 I tried to take some cute pictures, but Claire was still too floppy and they all were terrible!


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  2. Clair's first Christmas, I love the stockings you made and it is amazing you found more vintage fabric that matched!


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