Thursday, April 30, 2015

SHB Sewalong: Cloth Diaper Diaper Bag

My friend Ahnna got us the cloth diaper bag on the right. We are using cloth diapers and it did not cross my mind that hmmm maybe you need something to hold dirty diapers when you are out, since you can't just throw them away!

I thought it might be good to make a second, in case one is drying. For days in future when Max and I actually go places.... :)

 Super easy to make:

Traced the original, installed a zipper on the top (a 12" white one), sewed up the side seams.

For the inside I used some of the PUL (I think its polyurethane laminate?) fabric that is used for the cloth diaper liners as well. I bought it from in white so I could use it for a bunch of projects. JoAnn has some, but it was 15 bucks a yard and only in goofy prints.
 I made a second pouch for the inside and topstitched to attach it to the zipper tape.
The proof is in the pudding: it worked perfectly fine on our 2 month pediatrician appt!!

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  1. that's great and you definitely will need more than one, very resourceful!


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