Saturday, January 10, 2015

A nice green dress for Xmas- Simplicity 1360

 I wanted to make another version of Simplicity 1360, which I made over Thanksgiving break. I wanted to make a green one, both for general wearing and to have a holiday dress that fits. Jo-Ann of course had no green knits that were nice or the right shade of green. I ended up buying this from with some baby fabric; it is a hunter green bamboo rayon.

 But they had my old credit card number saved, and I was forced to get a new number with the Home Depot data breach. Then I had to fix the number after getting an email like five days later and I didn't think I would get the fabric in time to make the dress. Luckily, I got the fabric on Wednesday and I was able to cut it out on Wednesday night and then sew it up on Thursday.

Sadly, I couldn't find my Santa hat, but I got to have a reasonably festive outfit for our class party on the last day before winter break!

I did a much better job on the knot the second time around!
 This is from mid-December and I am much bigger now.
 Nice and simple back.
 I always blink. I still have quite a few pairs of tights that fit and can be pulled up over my belly (these are from Forever 21) so that's good. This week has been super cold and I am LOVING my fleece lined leggings I bought from Charlotte Russe. How did I not own any last winter?!? They are so warm and comfy and they have no elastic in the waist, so I will be able to wear them until the baby is born.
I cut out the same dress in a purple knit when I cut out the green, so I will whip that up soon and then I will have three! Perfect! They are great dresses and I will be able to wear them post-birth as my stomach (hopefully) resumes its previous shape.


  1. This is a great dress, very stylish for a maternity dress

  2. You look great! The dress is perfect for maternity and then after!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Perfect dress.. Looks great on you.. Best wishes for you and baby.

  4. Great dress, and great color on you.

  5. Wow! This is the best festive frock for 2014! Absolutely smashing :D

  6. That is a beautiful dress on you! Perfect for maternity wear!

  7. Beautiful! I love it paired with the red tights and gold shoes.

  8. This looks so great on you! Do you have any comments on the pattern sizing/fit? I want to make this for myself soon, I'm due in May :)


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