Saturday, September 21, 2013

Estate Sale Loot: Halloween Ideas?

This is my loot from last weekend and the weekend before. I bought about 20 1960s National Geographic to add to my collection on the back porch for my imaginary future classroom. Andrew tried to argue that I don't need them, but that was a lie. I bought them all for like ten dollars. Totally worth it. 
 At a different sale, I bought the gold pitcher that has a thing for making iced tea. This is my new obsession- brewing my own iced tea. That is also why I bought the orange, skinny pitcher the week before. Then I can add just a little sugar and it is a semi healthy drink. I am almost thirty and have been feeling squishy and out of shape lately. I know I need to start running, but I hate running. Instead, I have been drinking less calories: water, fizzy waters like La Croix, and my iced teas. I am going to take yoga starting in October.
 Over here, I bought a white feather wig. I really want to create a costume around it. Any ideas?

They called my sweater "the Jewish Cowboy," which is funny, although I'm guessing they are meant to be sheriff badges, right?
 I also bought the children's book called Moving Picture Circus from 1917 or something. The book is cute because the zig-zag cut pages flip, changing the animals into funny mutants. The story is weirdly written and very odd.
Chicken wig party time!
I decided T-Rex is going to be a dragon, probably Game of Thrones style. Maybe a little red and black Drogon or Balerion the Black Dread, since he is black. That should be fun!


  1. You could be a...swan. Or a chicken. Really, that's all I've got.

  2. Be Marilyn Monroe! The feather "wig" would be a nice touch!! I know you will have fun whatever you decide on. What about Andrew what is he going to be/do?


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