Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Molly-made pottery

After my five week class ended, I signed up for the ten week class. It's a lot of fun and slowly my projects have been getting much better. First, they had us make cylinders to practice pulling shapes and then shaping cylinders into vases and things.

I have made a ton of things, but these are the only four finished objects I have now. four cylinders that I decided should be small flowerpots. They still aren't perfect, but they are much better than anything  I made in the first class!!!

After bisque firing

Glazed and finished: spodumene, iron red, josh blue and celadon green.

I planted my tiny seedlings in them with a layer of rocks in the bottom for drainage. Lavender and three mints. 
 For scale, the biggest one (blue) is about five inches tall. I have ten more vases and things that are being glaze-fired right now and i'll post about them soon. This class has been taking up most of my free time that I usually sew during. The class is three hours on Wednesday nights, but then I go in after school another day or two to trim, glaze or throw more pots.

The weather is getting nicer ad that makes me want to sew summer clothes, plus there's only three weeks left of my class so expect more sewing soon!


  1. These are awesome! I can't believe you made these yourself! The glazes are spectacular!

  2. So pretty, love the glaze colors. What a good idea to use them for planting!

  3. They are seriously awesome flower pots! Did you punch holes in the bottom of them for drainage?


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