Friday, May 25, 2012

The RAWR Romper

This was really easy to make! I would say it took maybe 2 hours because the pattern wants you to finish all the edges with lace to be fancy. Here is my pattern and fabric if you care to look. I didn't know if I would post pictures as the pattern models were trying so hard to be sexy, but it really just looks like a romper, maybe because I am so short?
 It has elastic in the waist and for the small it said use 23 inches of elastic. Lol, no. So that it can be eternally digging into my skin? I cut it at 26 and it is comfy and not pinchy at all. Outsmarted you, Kwik Sew!
 Edging it with lace was a pain. I already had yards and yards of this black lace so I didn't have to buy any and I don't remember what the pattern cost, so let's say it cost $6 total (for the fabric). I think if I made this again I would just cut double the amount of each piece and self-line it.
 Look at that 70s style leg cut!
For some reason the dog always barks when I "dance." I wonder why? Hahahaha. 

Have a good weekend!


  1. How the heck are you so fast! Well done! It looks really cute by the way, good thinking on the elasticated waist front...why would anyone want to feel that uncomfortable?!?

  2. It turned out really cute! I like the action shot with the dog too!

  3. I am so in love with this! Gotta love the 70's leg!

  4. Haha that last picture is awesome! I love the '70's legs on that romper! :D

  5. It looks very cute!

    I'm learning to play the clarinet and my dog stands by my feet with his head hanging down! Dogs eh!

  6. It looks fabulous!! I love that fabric - too fun - and the romper turned out fantastic - tres jungle sexy!

  7. Good call on the elastic measurements. I always cut my exact waist measurement and overlap an inch. Although some people I sew for like theirs much tighter. As long as it doesn't fall down, it's good enough for me! I love your cute romper. I have a Suede Says romper pattern, and I'm tempted to try it in a knit.

  8. heheheh nice make and the + dog dance is a bonus. Maybe he's providing the music (or just scared you'll step on him).


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