Saturday, November 12, 2011

Estate Sale Loot!

I managed to go to one estate sale on Friday since there weren't really many nearby. 

I picked all of this up for ten dollars:
 A huge piece of this Hawaiian border print polyester, which is just begging to be made up into some kind of joke... $1

A Singer zig-zag foot, $4. It has its box and manual as well, and there was an extra bobbin in the box!
I also found a huge piece of brown polyester ($1) and two pairs of "travel slippers" that have little zipper cases and were clearly never used. I am wearing mine right now, but Andrew scoffed at his.

No sewing pictures yet, I took four more teaching endorsement tests today. It was a hour drive each way and then the tests took from 7:15am to 5 pm. Blehhhh. Plus I went to bed at about one, since I worked last night, and then got up at 5:30. I feel pretty confident about Psych, Sociology and English, but not about Economics.... cross your fingers!

Plus I ordered a camera online, whoo hoo! I had an Elph before and I loved it, but eventually the lens broke and wouldn't extend anymore. That was a 3 mpixel from 2005, so I'm excited!


  1. Cool stuff! I'm glad you are getting another Elph camera, that camera (and you) took really good pics! we talk about getting a new camera and I would like to get an Elph too. Interesting fabric...can't wait to see how you use it.

  2. Have fun with your new camera when it comes. I don't know what an Elph camera is but I just bought 2! cameras at a buy one get one free sale (who could resist?). My camera was 7 mega pixels and now I have 14! My son is happy because he got the old one to use and he is stoked!


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