Sunday, June 5, 2011

1920s and 30s Ads

These are the ones that were clearly from the 20s and one from 1930. They are mostly from The Saturday Evening Post. I really like all of these. I didn't consciously realize it until I was uploading the pictures, but I think it is because they are all illustrations rather than pictures. 

You can click on each picture to make it bigger. 
 Buy a Buick! I would think 2500 dollars was a pretty huge amount of money in the 20s, right?

 I like the cute baby in the hat and the slogan "soup, and why men like it!"

 This one is funny- for men's athletic supporters. Oh they look so confident with their health supporters on! Ha.
 Linoleum is not interesting, but the pictures are!

 I think they styling of this ad is the interesting part.

 Would you like a new electrical icebox? Pretty cutting edge!

 I like how the people on the horses are admiring her car.

This is the only one from the 30s, perhaps because people weren't wasting money on magazines in the Great Depression? Look at the snazzy rich lady buying hats with her terrier- she should buy a Chevrolet 6, designed with a woman in mind!

I hope others find these at least somewhat interesting! I will have many more- tomorrow I will sort through my 40s stack and maybe I'll find more clothes. I do like the ads a lot.

Hopefully tomorrow I will take pictures of my pink and black dress, as I am nearly finished. I just need a hem, to add the bra pads and take in the top of the bodice a smidge.


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  1. I love these old ads, the art work is so well done and who would think these ads would influence future generations as much as they did.


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