Saturday, December 6, 2014

Primar[il]y Hideous- Simplicity 8133

I made this hideous creature using Simplicity 8133, a pattern from the 60s or 70s. Vintage pattern wiki says 1969.  I thought it would work because it was a somewhat shapeless jumper, with a sort of A-line shape. It is for a 34 bust. 
Horrifically low cut? check. Front panel curling out? check.
 The fabric is some vintage polyester I bought at an estate sale a few months ago. I don't know why I thought large, primary colors (and grey) diagonal swirls would be flattering? Yikes.
Gaping armholes? check.
 I absolutely did not have enough to match the fabric either, so the back looks awful. It was about 2 yards of 60 inch wide fabric, but one third of the way across there was a big snag that ran the ENTIRE length of the fabric. That made cutting difficult. The snag is featured on the front flap that buttons under.
LOL a facing is poking out, but could you even notice because you are blind from the print???
 It's shockingly unflattering. So gross.
This dress makes the babby sad.
Um, so that has never been worn and will be disposed of shortly. It deserves to be burned, but I don't want to smell its polyester fumes!


  1. It may be a little loud, but you look sweet in it anyway. How could a girl look bad in anything with an adorable baby bump? Carry on, sister! :-)

  2. I really don't think it looks that bad and you look so cute no one would notice any little flaws!

  3. How long did it take for you to come up with that title?

    I actually don't hate this dress :-X


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