Monday, December 1, 2014

Maternity Maxi Skirt

I bought the fabric and cut out the pattern right on the heels of making this dress at the beginning of September. The pattern is a "See n Sew" Butterick 5837 and I cut it out in a size 12 like the other one. By not leaving any time in between, I did not get the time to realize how giant that would make the shoulders! 
 Terrible fitting, and the whole bodice is lined and turned through a tiny hole, so it's not like it wanted to re-do the whole thing.
 Gack! In the end, I kept the skirt part to make into a maxi skirt and threw the top portion away.
 I have been wearing this skirt a LOT for the past month or two. It is just a simple rectangle, but I did take the time to match up the stripes at the side seams. I left it unhemmed, as it won't unravel. The waist is two parallel rows of half inch elastic, which was meant to sort of copy some knit pants from Target with a shirred waist (minus how itchy the shirring is).
 I can wear it with a shirt untucked over it, which is how I usually do. The print is from Jo-Ann and is just a somewhat thin knit. I have been wearing leggings or tights underneath as it is already feeling like winter here in Chicago.
 Tucked in also works, but it does make me feel like I am wearing a circus tent a little bit.
 I am for sure looking much more pregnant and there's no disguising it anymore! I am just about 6.5 months in.
 Close-up of the waist: the two rows of elastic are pretty comfortable and they don't twist at all. I used to wear it around my waist, but as that is gone, I just wear it under my boobs. I am all about being comfy!
This was a good make- I have two other maxi skirts as well (from Target and Forever 21) and they are working well for being pregnant in the cold weather.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, it was so nice to have a five day weekend!!!


  1. Love the skirt! You look great for 6.5 months pregnant. Barely pregnant is how you look. Keep up the good work.

  2. This is a fantastic skirt- comfy and stylish!

  3. Very cute skirt and it does look comfy!
    You look great by the way!!


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